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Overview of Teaching and Learning

Overview of Teaching and Learning

The curriculum offer at Key Stage 3, mirrors the subjects taught at mainstream school, as the main focus is that they are to be reintegrated back into mainstream as quickly as possible. Also, we assess their needs and identify any additional support and make relevant referrals to support students back into school. We support students to identify reasons why they are not in mainstream school and provide strategies for them in order that they can demonstrate that they are ready to return to mainstream.

At Key Stage 4 the curriculum design is to engage our learners positively in order that they can go onto further education, employment or training. Our students will find themselves on a pathway that is either vocational or academic, or a combination of the two. Depending on which pathway you follow, our core offer includes Maths, English and or Science. The range of options include: PE, Art, Robust IT, Performing Arts, Home Cooking Skills and Business Studies.

Year 10's and 11's will do a one day placement at Hertford Regional College (HRC) and achieve a Level 1 qualification in one of the following courses: Hair and Beauty, Motor Mechanics, Catering or Multi Skills.

Subject Accreditation

AQA English Language in Year 10 and English Literature in Year 11

Edexcel Functional Skills – Entry Level 1,2 and 3


Edexcel Foundation and Higher Tier

Edexcel Functional Skills Entry Level 1, 2 and 3

Science In Year 9 - Entry Level Certificate and at Key Stage 4  Edexcel iGCSE Science and Double award for the more able  
Art AQA Art and Design

Btec Sports Level 1/2

Edexcel GCSE short course PE

Performing Art This is a new Btec qualification been offered at KS4. It is delivered to Year 10.
ICT Robust IT Level 1 /2
Home Cooking Skills Btec Level 1/2 Jamie Oliver  Home Cooking Skills
Business (Year 11 ) Btec Level 1/2


Our Enrichment will include the following: Gym, Football, Crafts, Music and Trips out. Students have a tutor session each day for 20 minutes. On Wednesday, there is an Assembly during this time. Other sessions include PSHE focussed work, literacy and self-reflection/evaluation of what has happened in the week at school.

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