At Orchardside, attendance is really important and we would ask that if your child is too unwell to attend, you contact us as soon as possible on 0208 353 4270, we will need to ask you a few questions regarding the absence and the reason for the absence will be logged.

Good attendance is important for all student’s as it underpins good learning and progress, and prepares students for the responsibilities encountered in later life.

Attending school regularly and on time is paramount, as valuable learning time is lost when students are absent or late.   Students who fail to attend school render themselves vulnerable to negative influences.

Our expectation is that students arrive to school having had the appropriate amount of sleep in correct uniform and ready to learn.

The Attendance Improvement Officer will work with students and families of those who’s attendance causes concern or those who are reluctant to attend.  We will support those students as best we can and work in conjunction with our Local Authority Education Welfare Officer.

We would ask that parents/carers work with us to promote good attendance and punctuality, persistent attendance violations can result in a fine.