Breakfast Club and after School Provision

Research tells us that young people get into problems when they are unoccupied and have less structure to their day.

Young people are more likely to be impacted by serious youth crime outside of school hours.

Young people need diversionary activities before and after school to disrupt that trajectory towards violence by occupying that unstructured time before and after school.

We have an established breakfast club and after school provision for our young people to mitigate these risk factors that lead to serious youth violence.

This is based at Orchardside school outside of the curriculum time – during unstructured time.

This is not only part of our violence reduction initiative, it is also part of our efforts to create a sense of belonging and connectedness amongst our young people. Our hope is that by creating a safe community environment and community cohesion, we will be able support their wellbeing and nurture positive attachments amongst other students and staff.

We recommend that all parents take up this offer and support their child’s engagement with this service. 

What we offer at our after-school club provision:

Monday - Boxing 

Tuesday and Wednesday - Fitness and football

Thursday - Music and hair

Friday - Boardgames and basketball


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