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At Orchardside every student receives a free school uniform upon arrival. Uniform is compulsory and must be worn correctly at all times, the uniform code is as follows.

Everyday Uniform

Orchardside black jumper

Orchardside tie

Plain white shirt

Plain black school trousers/skirt (jeans are not permitted)

Black shoes

PE Kit

White Orchardside T-shirt

Black tracksuit bottoms/shorts


Religious clothing

Black hijabs (no embellishments)


Jewellery must be kept to a minimum (no facial piercings)

Outdoor clothing

Coats are permitted but they must be removed and stored as students enter the building.

Parents/carers will be contacted if a student arrives at school with incorrect or missing uniform.   We ask parents to support us and check their child’s uniform before they leave in the morning or come to school with replacement items if necessary.

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