Online Learning

The COVID 19 pandemic has impacted on all aspects of our lives and it is currently unclear what will happen in the future. To ensure we are fully prepared for all eventualities, the aim of this plan is to give all students, parents and carers a clear understanding of their roles, in the event of any enforced absences, whether partial or full school closure.

If there is a closure or your child has to self-isolate, there is an expectation that all students will continue to access learning throughout that period.  Google ‘Classroom’ is our platform and every student has a Google account and password.

As with any Online access, we urge parents to monitor and safeguard their child’s usage.  We would also ask you to familiarise yourself with the following support mechanisms which you may find useful.

CEOP, is the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command.  It is a law enforcement agency and is there to help keep children and young people safe from sexual abuse and grooming online.  They have excellent resources and information for families on how to keep safe online and what to do if you are concerned about anything.  You can reach them HERE

The NSPCC also have some excellent advice on how to keep safe and has resources that are very useful to parents, carers and students.  You can visit their online safety page HERE  

At the bottom of this page, you will find useful links to “how to” documents.  These can guide parents, carer and students on how to access Google in case students have forgotten.  If you need support with logins or passwords, please contact the school via email: or call on 0208 353 4270.



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