IXL is a personalised online learning tool. With a comprehensive curriculum, individualised guidance, and real-time analytics. IXL meets the unique needs of each learner. For this reason, IXL is the programme Orchardside uses for targeted maths intervention with our weaker students.

As an adaptive learning tool, IXL offers a fun and dynamic environment for students to fill gaps, consolidate learning and build confidence in their math and numeracy abilities. Aligning with the national curriculum IXL allows students to sequence their learning and build on skills.

The diagnostic and recommendations work together to ensure students are taken on a personalised journey to achieve their very best. With instant feedback and example-led learning, students are given the tools to access content that is perfectly pitched to support and challenge them appropriately.  This is done through its personalised action plans.

At Orchardside IXL is used across the curriculum and supported by all staff to ensure targeted students are getting the very best to support their learning. It is also a pivotal part of our Turnaround programme.

All targeted students have been provided with a unique login and have been given a personal induction into using IXL to help them access it to its full potential. To get the very best out of IXL it is important students spend 5 x 20 minute sessions online each week following the timetable as follows:

  • Diagnostics on Mondays
  • Recommendations on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

Further information can be found below:

Website link:


Google Classroom:


User guide video:

Click here for video guide

How-to guides:

  1. Diagnostics:  IXL Diagnostic user guide
  2. Recommendations:  IXL Recommendations user guide



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