Post 16 and Careers Information

Careers Program 

At Orchardside School, we want our students to become successful members of society beyond their statutory secondary education. As such, we are fully committed to supporting them on to Post 16 pathways which include: Further Education, Apprenticeships and Employment. 

We actively encourage our young people to consider all options so that they select the best choices in accordance with their interest, motivation, learning style, ability, and aspirations. 

We offer a range of programmes to ensure that students understand and are prepared for their next steps. These include extended work placements and one to one sessions with our external independent careers adviser where individual career plans are developed for them. 

Our aim is to ensure that by the end of Year 11, all students, irrespective of when they joined Orchardside will have: 

  • Developed a deeper understanding of themselves, their abilities, and their career goals. 

  • Gained a greater knowledge of the range of opportunities open to them. 

  • Taken part in a work experience placement. 

  • An understanding of the labour market and the requirements and expectations of employers. 

  • An understanding of the decision they need to make for their future goals. 

  • A portfolio of academic achievements. 

  • Attended several sessions with our external independent career’s adviser with a mapped plan for their Post 16 Pathway. 

  • A Curriculum Vitae (CV) written with the guidance and assistance of our career’s leader. 

For more advice on Post 16 education and Careers or if Employers are interested in working with Orchardside, please contact our Careers Leader Lianne Raymond or call on 0208 353 4270.



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